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by David Huddle

Soon after Ben dies Maura makes up her first Morbid Multiple Choice question: God is A) a hoax, B) a monster, C) confused, D) sadistic. Ben is/was her brother. He likes the question. He’s already giving her grief about it. “Why isn’t there a positive option?” he demands. “What’s there for the guy who’s certain God’s hand guided him to buy the winning lottery ticket? The lady who loves God because of her goldfish?”

“‘Confused’ is there for those folks,” Maura tells him. “‘Confused’ is a perfectly good option for the Godophiles among us.” She steps outside then. Where she can keep a...

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Poetry Pick


by Dinah Lenney

This old watch isn’t really that old, not in the sense of family heirlooms. It isn’t a watch at all, in fact. It’s only the casing, the exterior, the glass rimmed in gold, smooth but for the notch where it would have clicked onto its back, and engraved: Tiffany, in tiny letters, and D. L. M. in bigger ones—my married initials—my middle name lost to me with the gift of the watch itself. And what happened, I wonder, to its back, to the face and the mechanism in between, to the soul of the watch, a white oval with Arabic numerals, and that little knob on the side—or wait,...

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The Blog

Boston Book Festival
Boston Book Festival

Another great Boston Book Festival! Every year I wonder if this will be the time we get torrential rain, but no, we escaped again. The weather was beautiful, the crowd was...

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Essay Daily
Christina Thompson on Essay Daily

Want to know more about how we select work for publication? Take a look at our editor Christina Thompson's ...

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Harvard Book Store Warehouse Weekend

The Harvard Book Store Warehouse Sale begins this weekend at 14 Park Street, Somerville. We'll be there, along with more than 30 of New England's small presses and journals,...

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Harvard Book Review

by Norman Mailer
edited by Phillip Sipiora
reviewed by Okla Elliott
by Per Petterson
reviewed by Joseph Holt
by Dorothea Tanning
reviewed by Henry Hughes
by Robert Bly
reviewed by William Doreski
by Artemis Cooper
reviewed by Laura Albritton
by Campbell McGrath
reviewed by Kevin T. O'Connor