Harvard Review 28

Harvard Review 28

Harvard Review 28, Spring 2005

Issue 28 features new fiction by Joyce Carol Oates, Jim Crace, Peter Orner, poems by Samuel Menashe, stories and essays by Vu Tran, David Rompf, Alison Krupnick, Marion Halligan, and Matthew Goodman, translations of Ingeborg Bachmann, Oscar Hahn, Mircea Ivanescu, and Mario Vargas Llosa, photographs by John Coplans, along with drawings by Stephan Balkenhol.
Harvard Review 28 (print)
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Cynthia Morrison Phoel "Satisfactory Proof"
Jim Crace "Too Young for Funerals"
Joyce Carol Oates "The Stolen Heart"
Peter Orner "Last Car over the Sagamore Bridge"
Vu Tran "The Other Country"


Alison Krupnick "The Benefit of the Doubt"
David Rompf "Viet Q"
Kyoko Mori "Imagining a Memoir, Remembering a Novel"
Marion Halligan "Novels, Philosophy, and Apricot Jam"
Matthew Goodman "The Rise and Fall of the Bagel"
Mario Vargas Llosa, Johanna Damgaard Liander "A Novel for the Twenty-First Century"


Craig Edward Stetson "Pagliacci"
Diane Tucker "Hands Ghazal"
Elizabeth Smither "The Mink" and "Dolls' House"
Frannie Lindsay "Curse"
James McCorkle "September Notes"
Janice N. Harrington "They All Sang"
John Hennessy "How the Dog-Star Got His Name" and "Ariadne on Naxos"
Kelly Cherry "Chance in a Universe of Values"
Landis Everson "I Reach for My Knight"
Meena Alexander "August 14, 2004" "Dog Days of Summer," and "Closing the Kamasutra"
Michael Loughran "{...}"
Peg Boyers "Pentecost: Waiting"
Rachel Losh "Tiny Green Square #1"
Ray DiPalma "Asking" and "םי"
Sam White "En Route"
Samuel Menashe "Railroad Flat," "Rest in Peace," 'Make It New'," and "Die-hards"
Sandra McPherson "Virtue Study: Pastoral"
Seamus Heaney "A Scuttle for Dorothy Wordsworth"
Stephen Sandy "Three Stones"
Teresa Cader "Blue Table with Pomegranates"
Ingeborg Bachmann, Peter Filkins "Fall Down, Heart," "The Heavy Cargo," and "[On Many Nights I Ask My Mother]"
Mircea Ivanescu, Adam J. Sorkin, Lidia Vianu "myopia"
Oscar Hahn, James Hoggard "Wedding Album" and "The Insects' Wisdom"
G. G. Pontano, Rodney G. Dennis "To His Wife, Ariadna"