Harvard Review 30

Harvard Review 30

Harvard Review 30, Spring 2006

Issue 30 features fiction by Katherine Vaz, Askold Melnyczuk, and Anthony Varallo, essays by Blake Bailey, Melvin Bukiet, Kathryn Rhett, poems by Tomaž Šalamun, plus a new translation of Seferis with notes by David Ferry and David Ricks.
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Anthony Varallo "Toro"
Askold Melnyczuk "The Translator"
Kate Grenville "Bushfire"
Katherine Vaz "Lisbon Story"


Blake Bailey "John Cheever's 'Hollywood Problem'"
Christie McDonald "Brushes with History"
David Ferry "A Note on Kalogeris's Seferis"
David Ricks "Seferis's Three Secret Poems"
Don Share "Local Poets"
Melvin Jules Bukiet "Three Books in a Bad Season"
Kathryn Rhett "Our So-Called Illustrious Past"


Tomaž Šalamun, Peter Richards, Joshua Beckman, Phillis Levin, Ana Jelnikar "I Dwell Silently," "Celestial Brass," "*," "Our School," "U Nu," and "+++"
Ann Snodgrass "After AD ORA INCERTA"
Art Nahill "Love Poem Without Modifiers" and "Man Has Arm Reattached…"
Barbara Helfgott Hyett "After the Seder"
Ben Mazer "A Deaconess" and "Strawberry Night"
Daniel Bosch "Song"
Daniel Tobin "In The Flesh"
David Blair "Ode to the Ethics of Ambiguity"
Frannie Lindsay "Altar"
Fred Marchant "Agricola, Agricolae"
George Kalogeris "Three Secret Poems"
Jacquelyn Pope "Providence"
Jim Goar "A Toast to the Dirty Work"
James Sitar "High Winds"
Jennifer Barber "Medina del Campo, Castile"
Jennifer S. Flescher "Virginia, Was There a Leaf…"
Jill McDonough "August 30, 1850" and "June 1, 1660"
John F. Deane "Love"
June Beisch "In Muir Woods"
Marcia Karp "My He"
Philip Nikolayev "A Field Day"
Steven Cramer "Children"
Ted Richer "Goldengrove"
Wendy Mnookin "The Moon Makes Its Own Plea"
Herman De Coninck, Laure-Anne Bosselaar, Kurt Brown "Just as This Island Belongs…"