Harvard Review 49

Harvard Review 49

Harvard Review 49, Spring 2016

Guest edited by Paul Harding, this issue of Harvard Review features essays by Elizabeth McCracken and Margot Livesey; stories by Regina Porter and Matthew Neill Null; poetry by A. E. Stallings and Adrienne Kennedy; and translations of Bei Dao by Jeffrey Yang.

Harvard Review 49
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Paul Harding Editorial


Regina Porter Halsey Street
Matthew Neill Null All Was Fine
Ben Shattuck Edwin Chase of Nantucket
Sarah Braunstein Authority
Magogodi Wamphela Makhene The Virus
Tim Horvath The Ship of Theseus Sextet


Bei Dao, Jeffrey Yang Smells
Elizabeth McCracken The Container & the Thing Contained
Margot Livesey Nothing Is Simply One Thing
Erica Funkhouser One Salt Marsh, One Hawk, One Swimmer


Jenny Xie Lunar New Year, 1988
A. E. Stallings Shattered
Adrienne Kennedy Forget
Afaa M. Weaver Immortal City, Immortal Heart
Catie Rosemurgy Poem That Blames Narrative
Colin Cheney Wyeth House
Emily Fragos Théâtre de l’Odéon
Lauren Brozovich The Ware Collection of Glass Flowers: Delamination
Susan Nisenbaum Becker Belly
Catherine Wing 14 Devastating Consequences
Stefania Heim "2:31 pm" and "10:41pm"
Bruce Cohen Snow Paradox
Elizabeth Powell The Repetition Game: The Moment Is a Tricky Fucker
Hala Alyan Afra
Yi Lei, Changtai Bi, Tracy K. Smith from "Love’s Dance"
David R. Slavitt Full Count


Yifat Gat Four Paintings and an Installation
Ethan Murrow Five Drawings
Mira Cantor Four Drawings
Gonzalo Fuenmayor Six Drawings
Gerry Bergstein Four Paintings
Sharon Butler Three Paintings and Six Images